We Wanna Work – COMPLETED

www1In Italy the situation of economic and financial crisis posed the urgent need to support those interventions who are able to cope with rising unemployment, especially in young subjects belonging to weak areas. The public body may intervene with a financial contribution to those who need it in order to avoid the degeneration of personal or family situations difficult, but this type of intervention, if  not sustained by a strong support for the acquisition of skills and tools for autonomy, can have side effects such as the creation of relationships of dependence on social service and development of forms of welfarism.

The project accompanied 5 young people to the world of work.
We planned an individual project for each of them customized by training and work at the facilities branded “Ekuò” for a period of 12-18 months.

Young people were employed in:

Ekuò cinema & cafe in Vicenza.
Ekuò travel in Vicenza.
Ekuò restaurant in Padua.
Ekuò solidarity shop in Padua.

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