The well is life

Escavazione-pozzo-in-Sierra-leoneWater is the most important element in the life of every living thing, it can be said that anyone who donates to a village a well , gives life.

After a few months, and thanks to a path of guidance and assistance to the villages that have been equipped with a well found a new life. Small gardens family-run born, the first small flocks of chickens and pigs has been created. The diet has enriched and food security generates optimism in people that goes beyond the real benefit offered by the water.
It ‘a real miracle that comes from a feeling of solidarity and a correct idea of promotion and development.

Beneficiaries of the project are 8,000 persons . They are the inhabitants of the villages involved in the initiative. It is a formidable impact because in some cases the villages are located in areas very difficult to reach where alternatives difficulty exist.

Source of the projectpozzo2The water problem in Sierra Leone is not primarily a problem of lack, it is mainly a problem of access.
Every year, the improper use of water-related diseases cause the death of 1.6 million children, most of whom are under 5 years. Millions of women travel every day many miles by foot to procure water, and children are unable to go to school to help the family.

In Sierra Leone one on two people will be affected by diseases due to the lack or poor water quality while estimates indicate that an African farmer has less than 20 liters of water per day, that is less than half the minimum daily requirement of 50 liters indicated as necessary by World Health Organization.

Unsafe drinking water and poor sanitary conditions are the cause of a high incidence of childhood diseases, almost all preventable. Without drinking water is impossible to escape the spiral of poverty infections. Water means drink, cook, wash, irrigate the land. If women avoid traveling long distances in search of water have more time to devote to family and children, or to perform a task that allows to help the family budget while decreasing child mortality due to consumption of non-potable water.

Full Project Plan

You can further contribute to the maintenance of the project with a donation by bank transfer with the following coordinates:

IBAN code: IT17 E076 0103 2000 0100 1330 032. BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX
Bank: Banco Posta – 00144 Roma
Reason: Project The Well is Life