Suburbs at the center

The project focuses on children and youths living in the suburbs of the poorest state of India: Bihar. The way set up to achieve this is literacy, education and socio-cultural by building a school in a very poor area that lacks of education and training offer.

General Objectives

  • To ensure access to primary schooling for all children, including the poorest living in rural boundaries
  • To bridge the Gap adult illiteracy through the involvement of the parents of pupils.
  • To spread even among the poorest youngsters hope and culture, essential elements for the integral preparation of future generations.

Specific Objectives


1) Buying a land in a village in Buxar (Bihar) and building a primary and a secondary school, with space also for adults education.

2) Creating places where local people can meet and talk, play games, do sports and spend time together.

Full Project Plan (Italian)

You can contribute to the project with a donation by bank transfer with the following coordinates:

IBAN code: IT17 E076 0103 2000 0100 1330 032. BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX
Bank: Banco Posta – 00144 Roma
Reason: Suburbs at the center