Campaign: testamentary bequest

Testamentary bequest is an act of great generosity to the smallest and the weakest, who will live forever in their smiles. For any information we are at disposal. Email us at or call us at  0039 06 62.47.144.


oltre-tempoSaint Joseph’s congregation is with the youth and for the youth since 1873 in schools, missions, parishes, youth centers, as friends brothers and fathers. We are not the first ones and we do not want to be the least as well, because we want the Christian values to live on. Testamentary bequest is an act of great moral and social value, it’s also an act of responsibility to protect the rights of our beloved ones. You can express your will, avoiding family conflicts and guarantee that the right amounts will be left to people and organizations according to your will.


With your testamentary bequest you can leave:

  • A sum of money: small or big it may be, that’s a very important act anyway;
  • Chattels: shares, bonds, titles, funds, paintings, jewels, art pieces, insurances…
  • Real estates: houses, flats, lands, residential and business buildings…


According to the law of your Country you can write a testamentary bequest in different ways. If you’re an Italian citizen follow the instructions at this page.

In any case feel free to contact us for further information at or  0039 06 62.47.144
We offer help in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.