Beyond Walls

Project to grant food, education and health care to hundreds of children in Mexico, without eradicating them from their culture, territory or beloved ones.

General Objectives

  • Grant food, health care, education and protection to children, accordingly to their fundamental human rights
  • Promote solutions that are capable of building “bridges”, instead of creating “walls” and separation.

Specific Objectives

The project asmi to give help to the children from 3 Mexican cities (Mexico City, Aguascalientes and Hermosillo) in these three fields of intervention:

  • Educational (50% of donations)
  • Health care (25%)
  • Social-family (25%)

Lenght and value 

  • Estivate legnht: 3-5 years, renewable
  • Target: 25 children (per year) that normally form a school class
  • Yearly value: € 7.750 to help 25 kids in Mexico

Full Project Plan (Italian)

You can contribute to the project with a donation by bank transfer with the following coordinates:

IBAN code: IT17 E076 0103 2000 0100 1330 032. BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX
Bank: Banco Posta – 00144 Roma
Reason: Beyond Walls