Ekuò is a brand of Murialdo World (MW) created to develop a much more sustainable world. Through this brand, indeed, MW wants to play an active role in making this place called world more human and enjoyable for everyone, no-one excluded.

What we did at Ekuò in the last years
and what’s going on at the moment:


We supported some small business start-ups with social aims, among which fair trade shops, restaurants, responsible tourism, cinema and bar. Some of them are still operating in full autonomy. During these years we generated jobs, thanks to the project called WWW-we wanna work designed for young unemployed people.

We create fundraising socio-cultural events  to raise money for the humanitarian projects of Saint Joseph’s congregation worldwide. An example? The Ekuò advent Concert in Vicenza.

We promote sustainability in the economic world, helping entrepreneurs and freelancers to be more and more sustainable with each passing year, referring to the 4Es model described below.

This is done also by using the brand Ekuò as a trademark for products and services, as it happens for the wine Ekuò which is organic and sustainable, meaning that part of the revenues of each bottle goes directly to support the humanitarian projects of Saint Joseph’s congregation worldwide, thanks to the winery Cielo e Terra spa, a long time supporter of our projects. 

The 4Es model of ekuò sustainability


Keeping balance in the economic flow on  the mid-long term, with adequate revenues for high-risk capital investors, maintaining a long-term strategic business vision


Avoiding any kind of waste during every single stage of product cycle (production, maintenance, recycle or disposal) and, generally speaking, deeply respecting the planet, our environment in which products are sold and distributed


Contributing to the creation not only of an economic value, but also of a humanitarian one. Carrying the burden of both social and economic responsibilities in a broad range of meanings, for example by supporting humanitarian or social projects.


Investing time and resources to improve the quality of relationships among employees, colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers and all the stakeholders.

How does this work?

Murialdo World gives visibility and accountability to those entrepreneurs and freelancers who commit to sustainability in their activities.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers stress the strategic importance of sustainability and share the results with their stakeholders through their websites and communication channels.

Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer? Do you want more information about the 4Es model of Ekuò Sustainability?

Get in touch by emailing us at info@murialdoworld.org and we will get back to you ASAP.