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The worldwide projects of Murialdo World

What is Murialdo World

Murialdo World is a non-profit organization formed to coordinate the humanitarian projects of faters and brothers of St. Joseph. We plan and manage solidarity activities and we promote and support the missionary actions brought on by the congregation for more than 140 years, with facilities in 16 nations worldwide.



Some Local Representatives in Josephine communitites

Carlos Wessler
Celso Copetti
Gerson Felix
Gino Rossi
Janaina Castilho
Lucineide Nogueira
Márcia Gonçalves
Sirlene Mourão

James Amalraj Daniel
Mariolino Parati
Michael Varghese
Misihadas G. Sukumaran

Ecuador and Colombia
Carmelo Prestipino
Franklin Fustillos Toapanta
Juan Flores
Mariana Guerrero
Matteo Lussiana
Narcisa Pazmiño
Ramiro Altamirano
Sereno Cozza

Napo Vicariate
Adelio Pasqualotto
Paolo Mietto

Beatrice Tarawallie
Beppe Negro
Gerald Aruna
Gianni Zanni
Giuliano Pini
Luigi Cencin
Mario Zarantonello
Maurizio Boa
Sylvia Conteh

Anna Romozzi
Francesco Farnesi
Giambattista Nicolato

USA and Mexico
Cecilia Dall’Alba
Giorgio Gelmini
Joshio Lizarraga
Livio Chiriotti

Albania And Romania
Adele Prestipino
Cristina Casado
Fabio Volani

Argentina and Chile
Antonio Peron
Nadino Conte
Paolo Cestonaro

Murialdo World’s direction involves both religious and secular professionals, working side by side in order to serve the poor and the needy the best way as possible.


Projects and campaigns




Food, education and health care without taking away children from their families

how to help
Why support
What do you receive
How long


Murialdo World Onlus has adhered to the “Guidelines” for the children and young people sponsorship “issued by the Agency for the non-profit organization. Murialdo world works, then, in accordance with the principles outlined in the Guidelines, by ensuring the advocates and beneficiaries transparency and quality in projects, clear and complete information on the contribution paid to support children and their communities.
All documentation about guidelines(italian version)

how to help

Why support

There are 3 good reasons

What do you receive

The moment we receive your request you will receive a child, we’ll send you photos and presentation card with his life story. From that moment on, begin the journey that will accompany it.
Once a year: profile and latest photos of child support.
Once a year: reports and updates on the project in which the child is placed.
Once a year: a letter written by the child or his family and, where possible, drawings and small works done by the child.
Once a year: update meetings on the project in which the child has been entered, updates on the status of the child and his family and on developments and progress made, detailed information about what was purchased or financed with the donation.
Supporting our projects will represent a crucial link in the chain of our childen sponsorship. We will strive to update you, with you, to find new forms of collaboration.

How long

The sponsorship can be subscribed year by year, you can decide how long it last.

The continuity of support is critical to the sustainability of the project, it is a commitment and a responsibility that is assumed with respect to a person in need. By becoming a Supporter you will accompany a child in a way that will draw its future. The Josephites Missionaries will commit to follow the guy until it has reached its full autonomy and will be able to “walk” alone. If at the end of the project you wish to work with us again, we will entrust another child. If you need to interrupt support please warn us in time, so as to put us in terms of reaching as soon as another supporter for that child.


Via Belvedere Montello 77, 00166 Roma

Fiscal Code: 97646830584 

Telephone: 06 62.47.144

Projects and Children Sponsorship

Anna Romozzi: Accounting/Children Sponsorship

Fr. Giambattista Nicolato: Children Sponsorship

 Francesco De Summa: Children Sponsorship

Telephone: 06 62.47.144


Payable to: Murialdo World ONLUS
IBAN: IT17 E076 0103 2000 0100 1330 032
BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX (international transfers only)
Bank: Banco Posta – 00144 Rome

or postal account n. 1001330032

Payments may allow tax deduction according to the law of your country

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